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As you probably know, I have become quite an expert on fast pick-ups.

But there's one little problem...

You see, even though guys that can pull these off enjoy not only success with women straight out of a fantasy world and typically get women obsessed with them, with a fast pick-up comes a big problem...


Sometimes a fast pick-up becomes a one-night stand, and never converts into a relationship.

And well, if that was your intention, fine.

But a lot of times, you DO want to see the woman again - or possibly start a

Here's something you might not already know - EVERY woman I have slept with in the past 2 years has been under 4 hours.

And EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. wanted to see me again...

Am I saying this to brag?  Hell no.

I'm only saying this so that you can realize the immense amount of value I can offer you as a client of mine, and to prove a very important point:


In fact there are three major keys to continuing an intimate relationship with a woman...

And I feel it's time to debunk a few myths about this.


MYTH #1: You must "build comfort" with a woman for 7+ hours before sleeping with her.

As I stated before, it has nothing to do with the amount of time you spend with her before you sleep with her.

In fact it has almost NOTHING to do with anything you do before you sleep with her in fact, the secret lies in what you do AFTER you sleep with her.

I have got it down to an exact science. A series of actions and behaviors that practically guarantee she will not only see you again, but also be borderline obsessed with you...

Nothing fancy, no routines or lines... just natural behaviors that a person can learn in less than five minutes.

Would you like to know the REALITY of this situation?

The reality is some of the hottest, most intelligent women I have dated LOVED the excitement of getting physical really fast.

It's straight out of the movies, and very few guys can pull it off skillfully.

MYTH #2: You need to reassure her that you will see her again before sleeping with her.

Many guys try this... they imply that the girl is "relationship material" or that he definitely wants to see her again.

Man... what a way to kill intrigue right off the bat...

Guys do this and tend to come on wayyyy to strong. They appear too interested, too needy, to desperate to get a girlfriend.

But at the same time you should NEVER imply that it's a one night stand, or that you're just interested in bed.

This isn't very effective either...

MYTH #3: You have to be great in bed the first time you sleep with her.

One of my good friends, Julian, who is admittedly bad in bed and only lasts for about 3 minutes converts girls like *CRAZY*.

Point being, he is NOT good in bed (his choice), and STILL gets girls so crazy about him, they won't leave him alone.... (so he ends up playing Gears of War on his XBox360 while they sit there naked, watching him.)

At this point you may be thinking...


I understand.

But listen. This is important information that you're going to need soon anyway.

And let's be honest - when you DO start sleeping with women - wouldn't you rather have the CHOICE to see them again or not?

That's what I thought.

right from the beg

The next story telling technique is very powerful and ties back into displaying your personality and bringing your characters to life.

This technique is adding TOUCH to your stories.

This really helps paint the picture and get your audience more involved.

An example of this would be like "My friend and I were walking over there like this... (lock arm in arm)."

Only hold whatever touch you are displaying for the appropriate part of the story. If you are using something like the arm and arm example, you would only do it for that short instance, not tell the rest of the story arm and arm.

An example I would use in my story is when describing his weirdness would be "I would be talking with some of my friends and he would come up from behind me, stick his arm around me like this (put arm on girls shoulder and pull her in, give her a little shake, showing exactly what he did to me).

The key to not making this look obvious is to continue telling your story while initiating the touch, and not looking at where you are touching or pausing and waiting for any form of reaction.

Another fun thing to sprinkle into your stories is subtle hints that raise your desirability.

These include mentioning other women in your life, having special social privileges, being the leader of your group, and doing things that make you stand out.

These are all essentially tasteful ways to brag in your stories... without actually bragging. Now you don't need these but in some cases can add a special flare to your stories.

I do this often by mentioning other women in my stories. You can do this by changing the word "friend" to "girlfriend" or name dropping by saying "my friends Lisa and Sarah" anything along those lines.

They need to be subtle and never the subject of your story. They are just minor details.

To make them theme authentic, do not provide an explanation for them. If part of your story involves you hooking up with multiple people, don't provide an explanation for it, instead just keep talking, it's not the focus on the story and by not providing an explanation, it comes off as a perfectly natural thing that is no big deal.

Once you have thrown in all these fun storytelling tactics it time to give it the once over.

Eliminate all unnecessary content and make sure your story is moving along and does not drag out. That is the biggest problem people make, they drag their stories out too long about things that don't affect the overall story. Be sure to eliminate redundancies.

For should be aiming for about 2 mins stories.

How much you share all depends on how your storytelling skills develop. A masterful storyteller could captivate the audience for 20 mins. But for now, focus on getting 2-3 solid mins of your audiences attention.

Remember to look for clues of people fading out so you know when to speed things up and get to the punch line.

Always make sure you are keeping eye contact, this will help hold the audiences attention.

Here is the FINAL revised version of my story. Enjoy:

Me: "Hey do you deal with people when you just caaaaannt get them to leave you alone?!"

Group: "blah blah"

Me: "Yeah that's interesting so check this out...the other day I am at Club Voodoo, you ever been? (Check in point)...Cool, anyway I walk in with a group of my friend Lisa and some friends she brought along. There is a decent amount of people in the club, we are all having a great time and meeting lots of cool new people.

Well this one guy somehow works his into my "group" and he just has this annoying vibe. Like he is so out of place, he was walking around with a Harley Davison Motorcycle hat on and like this tainted banana colored polo. You know when someone just clearly does not belong and seems out of place... kind of like that guy (Put arm on person from audiences shoulder and point to someone else outside the audience)

So my friends and I keep trying to avoid him but he just won't back down, he would just follow us everywhere we went, buzzing around like a mosquito...with a really bad taste in you have no idea how bad it was, I would be talking to some of Lisa's friends and he would come up, stick his head between us and wrap us both in his arms and give us a little shake like this...(Do exactly what he did on them) And the worst part is he had this nasty...thick breath....oh it was terrible.

(Random Story Telling Tip: Appeal to the senses, especially the smell, it is the least addressed and most memorable.) Anyway... my friends and I try to get away by going to the VIP floor and we have been drinking the free energy drinks all night and made a super tall pyramid out of cans.  (Illustrate structure with arms).

Then all of a sudden, the creepy guy weasels his way onto the floor and sits down at our table... and like a jackass he tries to add a can to the structure. (Start slowing things down for the punch line)

Little did he know... that although the Red Bull on the top of the structure was opened... it was full... so this guy tries to add his can to the top then BAM!...................the whole structure falls right into his lap and the filled soda can pours all over his crotch!

(Create dramatic spill scene around your crotch, getting the girl to look there, although sneaky, creates lots of subtle sensual messages)

It looked like he wet his pants!

His face turns beat red and he just runs downstairs and we assume he left the club cause we didn't see him again... I don't know what the big deal is...I thought it was hilarious!

(Share a good laugh with your audience, initiate more touch if you so please, initiating touch during laughter is very powerful)

If we look back at the original example of...

"So the other day I am at club voodoo with my friends and I am going around making some new friends and having a good time. Well this one guy somehow works his way into my group but then ends up not leaving us alone all night, and he was a really annoying person that you just don't want to talk to. He kept making every interaction in the club awkward and would not leave until he actually gets a hint and goes home."

You can see the dramatic changes these steps can make to any story.

Before I conclude this oh so long newsletter....I want to leave you with a couple advanced story telling tips.

-If you are telling the same story, increase vocabulary in it, use powerful verbs and adjectives to bring the story to life/

-Always be painting a picture, appeal to all the senses when possible.

-Start your stories at the end. If you ever saw the movie Fight Club you will notice how you are caught up into the story right from the beginning because you are curious to see how Edward Norton's character got himself in such a dangerous situation. You can start your story at the end then build up to really captivate your audience.

-The more emotion you put into a story the better, the more emotion you show in a story, the more mistakes you can make because your emotion and commitment to the story covers all that up.

-Avoid pauses like "ummmm and ugghhh" everyone has a bad habit when they stumble in there stories.

-Do not memorize your stories. You don't want to sound like you are reading from a script, you want it to seem natural. It is possible to be too good at telling your stories and then it is almost like the listener is watching a scripted play. Just understand the concepts and events of your story, there should always be some slight differences when you tell your story. Practice telling it...but don't become a scripted narrator.

-Lastly and most important to sum things up....

Do not tell your stories AT your audience...tell your stories TO your audience.

Make sure they are always getting involved and as you are telling your story, keep your eyes open for cues in the interaction you do not always have time to look for.

Use these cues to find what points of your stories get certain reactions, and use them to move the story along. You pick up on different things if you are telling a story you know well, this is another way storytelling continues to improve your game.

L he'll be on fire. Ag

Have you seen Mystery's the Pick Up Artist aired on VH1? I've seen with the purpose of episode and wanted to share with you guys my predictions.

What I liked:

1. The Students. Generally, I love the pick-up students as they're each time so eager to ascertain, share a collective curiosity with me, and so satisfying instead of even the small of expansion they knock together. Students are hands down the #1 senses why I prepare could you repeat that? I prepare.

2. Ridiculous Outfits of Mystery. No solitary can peacock like mystery, hands down. And the shows financial plan really allows instead of a quantity of visualize stuff. I dig it. Peacocking with the purpose of thick-skinned is really quite a challenge. Don't believe me? Go to your resident den and look next to all the guys who try it and grasp it sin against. It's a  trainwreck.

3. The Challenges. It was fun, entertaining and creative. Winner of solitary contest gets to tread around with a cute puppy in the after that. Hillarious.

What I didn't like:

Mystery is so attached to his structured method with the purpose of he has not anymore aware why in attendance a quantity of of his students fail... He got a blind pimple on bearing in mind with the purpose of. "Yeah he be supposed to gain used a false schedule constraint". How a propos his lame body language, complete lack of masculine vibe and messed up compliance ratios?

Isn't it arduous using a 4 day old material like a non-sensual conversation with the purpose of goes NOWHERE! Yeah you wage! Sure you can grasp the girl to answer your question, but I don't establish a PROGRESS with it. Instead of training the guys memorizing routines and ranks, why not knock together them powerful, masculine and useful?

J-Dog's fuzz. I don't think I need to run into this. Looks like the poor guy voted for not in on a playground bench in the hub of a graffiti contest. While in attendance were certainly things a propos this confirm with the purpose of bug the working pick up artiste in me, I gain to laborer it to Mystery and VH1 instead of presenting the kinship in a excellent light to a mainstream audience.

Out of the four dudes not here, here's a quantity of predictions:

Alvaro: This guy COULD turn out to be a master pua, but not in a the minority weeks, and not under Mystery's tuleage. He's got with the purpose of "inner flame" with the purpose of drives him to excel next to sundry things, but he's open to need to really design to grasp dependable, and execute his come near to anxiety and concern. He's still got the brakes on. The report on he gets history with the purpose of, his game will explode.

Brady: Tall, excellent looking, fast apprentice. He's gloom, makes steady progress. His custom of corny material, and constant support guessing of himself is what's holding himself back. If he truthful chills not in and acts NORMAL he'll be on fire. Again though, like joe, will probably turn out to be complacent next to a confident level.

Joe: I think he has got the serious promise in the confirm. He got the line down, but he's the type with the purpose of will grasp a confident level of victory and turn out to be complacent. He'll grasp a girlfriend and develop his social orbit and design sour with the purpose of. Not TRUE master pua material. I truthful don't establish the kind of passion/drive with the purpose of would hold him to Master PUAdom. He can prepare well on the confirm, however, truthful due to the lack of competition.

Pradeep: He might be a master pua, but he has to dangerously intensify his sexuality appeal. He's still in the colleague zone. Doesn't count if he got with the purpose of chick's numeral on the confirm as with the purpose of was FRIENDLY numeral close. He's exciting but... Too exciting. It's giving the woman something to be attracted to, but individuals things are too outer walls to grasp with the purpose of deep bodily attraction with the purpose of a pua needs to prepare fast pulls, sensual selection switching, multiple affiliation stuff, and the rest...

Overall, the confirm is super entertaining and I'll absolutely be wearisome to catch a different episode if I can.

him to Master PUAdom. He may do well on the show, however, just due to the lack of competition.

Mystery's the Pick Up Artist aired on VH1 a few weeks ago. I caught a recent episode and wanted to share with you guys my predictions.

What I liked:

1. Mystery's Ridiculous Outifits. No one can peacock like mystery, hands down. And the shows budget really allows for some fancy stuff. I dig it. Peacocking that hard is actually quite a challenge. Don't believe me? Go to your local lair and look at all the guys who try it and get it wrong. It's a  trainwreck.

The Students. I love pick up students in general, they're always so eager to learn, share a common interest with me, and so grateful for the even the smallest amounts of improvement they make. Students are hands down the #1 reason why I do what I do. The Challenges. Creative, fun and entertaining. Winner of one contest gets to walk around with a cute puppy in the next. Hillarious.

What I didn't like:

Mystery not knowing why some of his students fail... He's so attached to his structured method, he literally has blind spots as to why his students get blown out... "Yeah he should have used a false time constraint". How about his lame body language, complete lack of masculine vibe and messed up compliance ratios?

Using 4 year old, tired-out material, like "flossing before you brush etc.." Come on, we stopped using that stuff 3 years ago for GOOD reason! LAME, non-sensual conversation that goes NOWHERE! Sure you'll get the girl to answer your question, but that's not always what I call PROGRESS. If you're going to have the guys memorizing routines, why not make them powerful, masculine and effective?

J-Dog's hair. I don't think I need to go into this. Looks like the poor dude passed out on a park bench in the middle of a graffiti contest. While there were certainly things about this show that bug the working pick up artist in me, I have to hand it to Mystery and VH1 for presenting the community in a good light to a mainstream audience.

Out of the four dudes left, here's some predictions:

Joe: I think this guy has got serious potential on the show. He's got the attitude down, but he's the type that will get a certain level of success and become complacent. He'll get a girlfriend and develop his social circle and work off that. Not TRUE master pua material. I just don't see the kind of passion/drive that would carry him to Master PUAdom. He may do well on the show, however, just due to the lack of competition.

Alvaro: This guy COULD become a master pua, but not in a few weeks, and not under Mystery's tuleage. He's got that "inner flame" that drives him to excel at different things, but he's going to need to really work to get consistent, and kill his approach anxiety and fear. He's still got the brakes on. The minute he gets past that, his game will explode.

Brady: Tall, good looking, fast learner. He's chill, makes steady progress. His use of corny material, and constant second guessing of himself is what's holding himself back. If he just chills out and acts NORMAL he'll be on fire. Again though, like joe, will probably become complacent at a certain level.

Pradeep: Could become a master pua, but he's gotta seriously increase his sensuality. He's in the friend zone still. Doesn't matter if he got that chick's number on the show because that was FRIENDLY number close. He's interesting but... too interesting. It's giving the woman something to be attracted to, but those things are too exterior to get that deep physical attraction that a pua needs to do fast pulls, sensual selection switching, multiple relationship stuff, etc...

Overall, the show is super entertaining and I'll definitely be trying to catch another episode if I can.

But once you h

Dating has never been an easy thing to do. It is one of the most complex things in life, just preceding being in a relationship. First thing is that you would need to find a date, which could be tougher for the socially challenged people. Then comes the date itself, where one would need to act his or her best and figure out how things will click and wonder if there will be a 2nd date. After a periodic time of dating, more problems and relationships could then arise that could eventually bring in regrets. Here are some most common regrets and disasters that daters often experience.

1. Dating people for the very wrong reasons always result in disasters. There might be some that could pull it off but it could be rare. Some people date for reasons of that person being physically attractive, business reasons, business contracts, sex or even just out of sympathy. We instead should date people who we seem to like because harga pupuk hantu jimmy murah of their great personality or that being a match for us. A friend of mine tried to date a Muslim because she was pretty attractive, eventually things didn’t work out because of cultural differences. If you know that you are entering a dating situation where things will really not work out, don’t waste your time on it. There could be others out there while you’re wasting your time on the wrong person.

2. In our current society most 20 something people will put career ahead of their love life. This is not a bad thing though. But once you hit your 30’s you will seem to lose something within you. You will become less attractive because of aging signs. Our body clocks will eventually catch up on us. Also most good catches will be fewer. Try to balance out your career and social life. Having a love life doesn’t mean you need to get married and sacrifice your career. It might even inspire you to work harder. It’s just how you view the situation.

3. Stupid regrets here, people leave the person they love. Don’t know why. If you love the person why leave him or her? Often reasons for a person leaving his or her partner are due to infidelity. If things do eventually go broke it might be too late to go back. I mean if you love the person why be unfaithful? It might be tempting but it’s harga jual obat asam urat dan rematik murah only a test of your relationship. Bottom-line, be faithful.

4. Don’t be jackass in your relationship. People often regret that they could have been nicer to their partner. It will always haunt you when you treat your partner badly. How could our relationship have ended if I was nicer? Try to be courteous, remembering special dates (no matter how cheesy they are), kind, compromising, getting something special, being spontaneous. Don’t be too late to change, because you might regret it.

5. Don’t be callous when dumping a person. It definitely hurts and karma has a way of finding you.